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Always well informed: Here you always get the latest news from the studio. All upcoming dates and press releases and when a new guest tattoo artist is in the house.

Andy Engel

Andy Engel: Love and dedication meets highest precision Andy Engel, today known as one of the world's best photorealist tattoo artists, was born in 1972 in 180 Seelendorf Tiefenstockheim in Bavaria,...


Wodi: The passion for art began with Wodi in childhood with comics and doodles. The training as an electrician was not creative enough for him to fully develop and only when needle and thread...


Lisa: The love of detail and color runs through her life like a red thread. For five years, Lisa has worked successfully as a hair and make-up artist, today she brings colors rather than to the...

Artists in the studio

We have a solid team in the studio, which is happy to assist you in all matters relating to a new tattoo. Each of our artists has his own style and his own style. The style of the 23-year-old Lisa is abstract, the motifs like in watercolor look. In addition to smaller things and writings, our Laura also likes to tattoo motifs in dotwork. Lloyd primarily tattoos black & gray, realism, and in his own personal style with his own Photoshop designs. Wodi’s preferences in terms of motifs are Black & Gray realism, color realism and abstract patterns combined with realistic motifs. Last but not least, Andy, today known as one of the world’s best photorealist tattoo artists, headquartered at Marktsteft, Germany. His work has been shown in numerous magazines, magazines and TV productions. In addition to his art of portrait tattoos, Andy is also involved in med. BWK (Medical Nipple Reconstruction) and has helped many women with breast cancer after illness.

Guestartists in the studio

In addition to the regular team around Andy Engel, well-known guest tattoo artists are visiting the studio for a certain period of time. The now living in Spain for 8 years, Ukrainian Alex Young, whose strength lies in the Black and Gray. Pipi has specialized mainly in realistic art, especially with pictures from the fields of horror and film, he was able to quickly establish and make a name for himself at numerous international tattoo conventions. All styles, whether black & gray, oldschool, newschool, portraits and biomechanics – Lajos just loves everything!
Markus Bremer likes to support the team with his skills in Black & Gray. Other well-known names in the list are Erich Rabel, Csabi Kiss, Jumilla Olivares, Samuel Potuček, Charles Huurman, Claudia Ferrarini ….



Guestartist Markus

Markus Bremer likes to support the team with his skills in Black & Gray. The native of Magdeburg even left his home in Saarland for Andy. Realistic, Black & Gray and also a Trashtattoo -...

Guestartist Lajos

Lajos: All styles, whether black & gray, oldschool, newschool, portraits and biomechanics - Lajos just loves everything! Since 2008, Lajos has regularly been a guest at Andy Engel Tattoo for...

Guestartist Pippi

Pippi: Even at a young age Pippi developed a great interest in the fascination of tattoo. After a serious accident at work as a carpenter, he broke new ground professionally and became a tattoo...

Guestartist Claudia Ferrarini

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Guestartist Charles Huurman

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Guestartist Samuel Potuček

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Guestartist Jumilla Olivares

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Guestartist Csabi Kiss

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Guestartist Erich Rabel

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Guestartist Alex Young

Alex Young is from Ukraine and has been living in Spain / Benidorm for 8 years. He began his career as a tattoo artist at a young age. Alex started his first tattoo in 2013 when he was just 19 years...

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