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Wodi: The passion for art began with Wodi in childhood with comics and doodles. The training as an electrician was not creative enough for him to fully develop and only when needle and thread crossed with some ink it had happened to him.

Since then, there is no other topic for Wodi than Tattoos.

In 2014 he made the decision to develop further and to learn perfection. With the attitude of Andy Engel his biggest dream came true to work and study with one of the most renowned artists of Germany.

His preferences regarding motives are black and gray realism, color realism and abstract patterns combined with realistic motifs.


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Lisa: The love of detail and color runs through her life like a red thread. For five years, Lisa has worked successfully as a hair and make-up artist, today she brings colors rather than to the skin.

The style of the 23-year-old is abstract, the motifs like in watercolor look.

Lisa tattooed since May 2016 filigree lettering, smaller motifs, wonderful watercolors with water color gradients and works also very like abstract – Lisa impresses us and her customers time and again by skill and patience.

Lisa is happy about good-humored people and your visit.


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Guestartist Alex Young

Guestartist Alex Young

Alex Young is from Ukraine and has been living in Spain / Benidorm for 8 years.

He began his career as a tattoo artist at a young age.

Alex started his first tattoo in 2013 when he was just 19 years old. Meanwhile, he tattoos in various studios in Spain.

His works speak for themselves, his strength lies in Black and Gray Realism.

He is looking forward to many exciting projects.


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