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Lajos: All styles, whether black & gray, oldschool, newschool, portraits and biomechanics – Lajos just loves everything!

Since 2008, Lajos has regularly been a guest at Andy Engel Tattoo for tattooing to expand his skills. Lajos, who already liked to draw in his childhood, has been tattooing for 15 years now, including more than 14 years in Germany. He gained his experience as a professional tattoo artist in Leipzig, Munich, Trier, Burghausen and Waging am See. Since the beginning of 2014 he has been back in the studio for one week a month with Andy Engel and enriches the team with his skills.

Lajos is an exceptional tattoo artist, very fast, clean, precise and unbeatable with his large-scale freehand motifs. His favorite styles are Realism in Color and Black & Gray, Old School, New School and Asian. If you want a really fancy, creative tattoo, feel free to contact the studio and make an appointment with Lajos.


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